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The Wobbly 5-Day Forecast
from A Potential Canadian Resource


News to Amuse Official Canadian Weather Warning for Tonight

8:18 PM Tonight

Surprise, surprise. A rain warning for Greater Vancouver has been issued this evening.

Southeast winds of 55 to 82 km/h over the entire city of Vancouver, Surrey and Richmond.
Southeast severe rains, so bad that you may suffer from ear injuries, please take precautions and wear your earplugs.

This is a warning that damaging winds and rains are imminent. Please continue to check in for updates. In the event that you loose your electrical power call 604 555 5584

A vile low-pressure system is developing around and about the coast. Associated with this system, are some witches who have cast a “severe storm spell” to make a statement that magic is real. The strong wind is expected to diminish sometime in the early morning, as it takes seven hours for this spell to wear off.
















Currently Observed
on: Today
at: 4:00 PM PST

Mostly Miserable Temp.: -30C
Pressure: 8.8kPa Visibility: 28km
Humidity: 17% DewPoint: 9C
Wind: 4.1km/h

Sometime Yesterday Max Temp. 11C
Min Temp. -13.5C Precip. Total 1.8958 mm Norm Max Temp 33C Min Temp. 14.4C
Mean Temp. -10.5C

Might Happen Today
Sunrise: 7:01
Sunset: 17:37
Moonrise: 4:36
Moonset: 23:30